Why to Get an Injury Attorney at the Beginning of Your Case

Many people like to do things on their own in an attempt to save money. While this can save money for home-repairs or other things, it is extremely unwise when it comes to an injury claim.

The reason is simple and can be summed up in one sentence: every insurance company’s goal is to deny every claim or pay as little as possible on every claim.

I have listened to interviews taken of my clients before they had hired me as their attorney, and I always notice that, aside from getting contact information, every single question asked by the insurance company is asked in an attempt to find a way to pay nothing or pay less on the claim.

That’s right! The insurance companies are not your friends or neighbors. They are companies that have the goal of making profits. If they can pay you nothing at all or less than you deserve, they pocket the difference. Insurance companies love to twist words and find ways to say no to you. They record most phone calls, so if you ever say anything hurtful to your case, they will be all over it.

Many missteps can happen at the early stages of the claim. If any number of common missteps is taken, you will lose your entire case! Don’t make these missteps. Avoid them by getting an attorney that knows how to avoid them.

Lawyers create a shield between their clients and the insurance companies. Any time the insurance company wants to talk about they case, they should talk to the lawyer instead of you. This way, it will be hard for the insurance company to twist your words.

I am always amazed at how many people try to go on their own. This is terribly unwise in an injury case. I have had a client who had been working with the insurance companies for months only to receive an offer of about $18,000.00, and who after hiring me was able to obtain settlement of more than $100,000.00. While past performance is not indicative of future performance, and every case is unique, this example shows the power of getting an attorney involved.

In summary, get an attorney as soon as possible (even the day of the collision). Insurance companies want to pay you less and will do everything in their power to make that happen. They will try and trick you out of your settlement by asking questions intended to lower your settlement and they will twist your words. An attorney is your shield from the insurance companies and knows how to avoid the missteps that could ruin your case.

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