Slip and Fall

If you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you need an attorney.

Companies and people often do not maintain their property in the way they should, which means you may be entitled to obtain money for your injuries from their insurance companies.

Broken feet and other injuries can lead to high-dollar settlements.

Serious injuries can happen when companies do not maintain their property, causing pedestrians to sustain injury.

Slip and Fall cases can be difficult to prove, so don’t attempt to handle your own claim. Insurance companies want you to handle your own claim and will do everything they can to encourage you to do so because it means they would likely pay less money than they would if you had an attorney.

One avoidable mistake can ruin your slip-and-fall claim. Don’t let this happen. Hire us.

The Law Office of Gregory Wilder works on contingency, meaning that you pay no legal fees up front, and you pay no attorney’s fees if you do not win.

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