Motorcycle Accidents in Utah

Vehicles on the road often don’t see motorcycles, causing extremely dangerous and lifelong injuries to motorcyclists. Unfortunately, drivers do not often realize that their several-ton vehicles can easily destroy the unprotected body of a motorcycle passenger. Drivers also do not look out for motorcyclists as often as they should.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, we want to represent you.

You need a lawyer to represent you if you were injured on a motorcycle. Insurance companies love finding ways to deny your claim or paying you less than you deserve. One mistake or misstep can ruin your claim and make it so you get no recovery at all. The insurance company wants you to try to handle the claim yourself. This should tell you something: they save money when people handle their own claims instead of getting attorneys involved.

The Law Office of Gregory Wilder works on contingency, meaning that you pay no legal fees up front, and you pay no attorney’s fees if you do not win.

Whether you were in Salt Lake, or Provo, or even Saint George, if you were injured in a motorcycle or scooter accident, we want to help!

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