What are the Goals of Insurance Companies? Pay You Less or Nothing

Insurance companies love money. They are excited to collect premiums, and collect billions of dollars in premiums every year. In fact, they are very friendly when accepting your premiums. However, the moment it comes time for your or someone who is injured to make a claim, the insurance company has one goal: to pay less than the claim is worth, or nothing at all (if at all possible).

You would be surprised at the lengths that insurance companies will go to deny your claim, often hiring personal investigators to trail and photograph people and watch their every move to “prove” that the person was not injured as bad as the person is claiming. Because, according to the insurance company, “clearly, if you were able to take the trash out, you didn’t injure your back as bad as you say you did.”

If you were involved in an accident or are otherwise injured near Salt Lake City or Orem or Provo, Utah, it is extremely important to get an attorney involved.

Insurance companies have hundreds of years of experience developing a system that is built to deprive you of money that you deserve. Everything an insurance company does is meant to deprive you of the value of your valid claim. Every question an insurance company asks is meant to find a way to pay you less or nothing at all.

Every dollar an insurance company saves by paying you less is profit. Insurance Companies answer only to their shareholders unless they are held accountable by a lawyer or a court.

Whenever you are dealing with an insurance company because of an accident or injury near Salt Lake City or Provo, Utah, make sure to hire an attorney. This law firm works on contingency. If you hire us, we do not charge any fee up front, and there are no attorney’s fees if we do not “win” (in other words, get a recovery or settlement).

In summary, insurance companies want to pay you less or nothing, and you need a lawyer to make sure they don’t get away with it.

While contingency fees are not free, they require no money up front.
If the Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC takes your case on contingency, you will not be charged any legal fees up front. If you lose the case, you will not need to pay any attorney's fees.
The Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC's contingency fees start at one third of any recovery, plus costs! Generally, in car accident cases, if the case settles before filing suit, the fee is thirty-three and one third percent of any recovery, plus costs (33 1/3% before the costs are deducted); if suit is filed or if the case goes all the way to trial, the fee increases.
The Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC is willing to do a mix of a flat fees and a contingency fees to lower these percentages. These fees are subject to a legal services agreement.

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